We're searching for a way to open up our community to foreign students in Cracow and we hope that we've found it!

Every Sunday,

10:30 a.m.

St Giles Church (Kościół Św. Idziego, Grodzka 67)

Mass in english and then meetings with the Bible, Corinthians Chapters (mostly thought not only ;) ). We are not interested in reading the Bible without the whole history connected with it. We want to discover stories how the Bible came into being, why it looks like it does today, why it’s got so many translations nowadays and much more.

If you don’t know the answer for questions like:

• What were the problems of the Church in first ages?
• Why does St. Paul named himself apostle even if he wasn’t one from Twelve?
• Why we’ve made so many different views on our faith and how we can create one Church?
• What is the real meening of the Bible writen originally in Greek and why there are so many differences with other translations?
• Why St. Paul said that if we’ll create a divided Church it will be dead?

bring your own Bible in your language, come and ask!

Moreover on our meeting we watch good movies, talk about difficult faith problems, play games, that can open us up to eachother and spend a lot of time just being 
together. Like it? 

If you are a foreign student or foreign person who are under 35 years old, join us. It's a place where you can meet each other and spend a lot of time just being together.

Let's discover God in other people! :D

You can also find us on facebook:http://www.facebook.pl/thebarrel12

To sign up on our NEWSLETTER or with any questions type to leaders:

 Anna Szuta - [email protected]                                                 Paweł Sopicki - [email protected]

for CONFESSION in english, italian or french type to our father:

 Łukasz Popko OP



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